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The 20 terms you should know at LogTech

In the logistics industry and especially in the field related to Logtech, we find many specific terms, which must be defined for a full understanding of the information disseminated regarding the two topics.

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Training neural networks for logistics

The implementation of devices developed with artificial intelligence becomes a necessity in the processes of the supply chain, since the activities developed by the latter continue to be very manual.

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CubiQ, a strategic ally for Envia

In order to meet the needs and expectations of its customers, with innovative logistics solutions that contribute to the transformation of the country, Envia sought CubiQ with the aim of finding in us a company that would become its strategic ally to optimize its operations and make them more efficient.

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A logistics industry ready for the future

This is how logistics 4.0 starts to be a more used term and tends to have more value in the industry, since it is related to the networking and integration of logistics processes inside and outside commercial companies and production facilities.

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