How CubiQ works?

It is a device that incorporates intelligence and artificial vision that processes the measurements of length, height, width and weight of objects. In this way, CubiQ gives the volumetric weight of each article with 99% accuracy.

Where is the information stored?

All devices are connected to our servers and the internet. All the records are stored there, which, depending on the device purchased, varies the information hosted in the cloud. This is related to: image, weight and measures (length, width, and height).

Error margin

Our devices are 99% accurate, NTEP certified by the National Conference on Weights and Measures. With a margin of error between 0 and 0.19 in. All of our devices are reconfigured according to the calibration parameters required by the user’s company. If you want to check the NTEP certification click here.

Set up

We adjust to the requirements of each company, we have wall installations with floor support, or with floor support in a mobile unit. Up to 30 minutes of installation time.

Do I need an additional computer to work with CubiQ?

No! Everything is integrated into the same CubiQ device.

What sizes is CubiQ capable of measuring?

The CubiQ One has a measurement capacity from 0 to 59in on any of its edges And the CubiQ X maximum capacity in over-dimensioned packages up to 59in in any of its edges. If you need an alternative to CubiQ X, you can contact our consultants to provide you with a customized solution.

What reports can I generate from CubiQ Manager?

CubiQ Manager is the CubiQ machine control and results visualization platform. From it, you can obtain personalized metrics and reports such as the historical measurements done on each device, monthly and daily reports. You can also obtain reports by individual measurement, with the detail of the product (measures, image and weight) according to the device purchased. All this generated via Excel support or from the cloud. *

*Depending on the plan acquired, reports can be basic or customized (the company defines its KPI’s).

Which WMS can integrated with CubiQ?

The answer is simple, any WMS!
If the WMS system you are using is not within our integration options
Contact us to make it possible. Click here!

Additional services

We have services tailored to the needs of each partner. Some of them are:
. Color camera.
. Additional depth chamber.
. Simple mobile modular structure.
. Premium mobile modular structure.
. Modular structure with fixed roof.
. Fixed wall modular structure.
. Scale 23 x 23 in
. Scale 31 x 31 in
. Scale 39 x 39 in
. Scale 59 x 59 in
. Scale 78 x 78 in
. Basic weight indicator *(The weight indicator is required for proper operation of the scale).
. Barcode reader
. OCR: reading package labels, using a character reader camera, taking pictures, and storing them into the cloud.

What if I have doubts while using CubiQ?

Don’t worry! You will always have our support team responding within 24 hours, regardless of the plan purchased.

You can download the operating instructions for your CubiQ here.


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