Compact, lightweight and easy to install.

It measures any package and collects data in one second with 99% NTEP endorsed accuracy.

Maximum measurements for dimensioning up to 59in, regardless form of the package.

Everything you need to know about your package, CubiQ One collects it in 1 sec: Measurements edge to edge, pictures and weight. With 99% accuracy guarenteed by NTEP.


– Measures
– Weighs
– Gets the volume
– Takes pictures
– Reads barcodes
– This system is compatible with any ERP system or existing WMS
– Recognize characters on the label, removing the manual processing of information (OCR)
– Information is automatically uploaded to the cloud, for easy access.


– Goods reception and delivery
– Fingerprinting
– Traceability of shipments
– Planning efficient routes
–Increase productivity of operators
– Space optimization for storage and shipment.



Standardization of measurement processes.

Time reduction

Up to 200% less inefficient times.

Freight reduction

Reduction of freight rates up to 8%.

Space optimization

Up to 25% more space optimization.

Increase in sales

Increase of point-of-sale turnover by up to 18%.

Without CubiQ

· High amount of freights due to
inaccurate information.
· High labor costs.
· traditional / manual.

With CubiQ
Innovative technologies

· 99% accuracy in measurements
· Reduction of time in taking measurements by up to 300%
· Reduction of labor costs measurement process by more than 150%

It comes with the OCR upgrade – automated digitization of characters on the label. With this feature you can:

✓ Eliminate human error by 100%

✓ Decrease the time of label scanning up to 300%

✓ Increase the productivity of your operators by up to 150%

✓ Optimize spaces for storage and shipping by up to 25%

Traditional package label vs
Scanning the label with CubiQ

What will you get?

– Storage and disposition of information for operational and billing processes
– Product on your premises
– Technical Support
– Integrations to any WMS or ERP
– Access to CubiQ Manager (machine control and results visualization platform)
– Customized metrics and reports.

Our products simplify logistics processes


With CubiQ

- WE INCREASE the INCOME of our customers by 18%.
- We audit the full tracking process.
- WE REDUCE hand costs of work.
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Freight forwarders

With CubiQ

- WE REDUCE the costs of labor in more than 150%.
- We generate SAVINGS of up to $10 million USD.
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With CubiQ

- WE REDUCED freight amount by 8%.
- We increase storage capacity up to 25%.
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With CubiQ

- WE INCREASE turnover up to 8%.
- We generate PROFITS between 8 and 10 million USD per year.
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With CubiQ

- WE DECREASE the time that takes the collection of data and its incorporation into the WMS system by up to 160%.
- WE IMPROVE THE PRODUCTIVITY and efficiency in measure taking process.
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