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labels (OCR) of the goods

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CubiQ One

Get the volume of objects up to 59in, with any shape, in less than 1 sec.

CubiQ X

Take measurements of packages and over-dimensioned objects, with any shape, in less than 3 sec.

CubiQ Line

Dimensioning system with conveyor belt and measure capacity of 3,000 to 4,000 packages per hour.

CubiQ go!

The best solution for the unattended reception of goods.
– It measures, weighs, receives payments and stores.
– Easy and fast, generating confidence in customers.

CubiQ go mini!

Self-service shipping module. It allows making the process of reception of merchandise automatically and innovatively.

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We simplify the logistics processes in these industries


With CubiQ

- WE INCREASE the INCOME of our customers by 18%.
- We audit the full tracking process.
- WE REDUCE hand costs of work.
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Freight forwarders

With CubiQ

- WE REDUCE the costs of labor in more than 150%.
- We generate SAVINGS of up to $10 million USD.
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With CubiQ

- WE REDUCED freight amount by 8%.
- We increase storage capacity up to 25%.
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With CubiQ

- WE INCREASE turnover up to 8%.
- We generate PROFITS between 8 and 10 million USD per year.
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With CubiQ

- WE DECREASE the time that takes the collection of data and its incorporation into the WMS system by up to 160%.
- WE IMPROVE THE PRODUCTIVITY and efficiency in measure taking process.
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