CubiQ, a strategic ally for Envia

“With CubiQ’s technology, we have managed to reduce the deviation indicators in fingerprinting by up to 39%” Robinson Carmona, Commercial Director of Envia in Colombia.

Envia, a Colombian company that has the CubiQ seal and stands out as one of the leading companies in the logistics and transportation industry, for more than 20 years has provided services related to the shipment of packages, documents, and goods nationally and internationally.

In order to meet the needs and expectations of its customers, with with innovative logistics solutions that contribute to the country’s transformation, Envia sought CubiQ to find in us a company that would become its strategic partner to optimize its operations and make them more efficient.

They came to CubiQ two years ago with the challenge of achieving not only a more agile logistics chain but also a more transparent one for their clients, since one of their biggest challengeswas related to invoicing, since they did not have a cubing system that provided the data of the real measurements and weight of the goods, but this process was carried out manually by operators.

With the implementation of automated cubing systems such as CubiQ One,they have managed to increase their customers’ credibility and trust, since now the information on each of the goods they send is hosted in the cloud for better traceability. The information related to each package’s weight and measurements is accurate, allowing them to guaranteetheir customers a correct billing corresponding to their order.

In addition to the benefits already mentioned, Envía has found great value in the CubiQ Manager, he platform to which our clients have access. They can easily access the dimensions of their packages, generate reports, and view the actual information of their shipments and photographs of each one of them.

“The experience with CubiQ has been gratifying; in fact, the people who have interacted with the device have seen the benefits. It is a friendly product that comes very close to what we are looking for, the logistics solution”. Robinson Carmona, Commercial Director of Envia in Colombia

In order to provide innovative services, the company is currently running a pilot plan to implement another product with the CubiQ seal, specifically the self-service module of CubiQ go shipments. They see the product as an opportunity in the current context in which we are, since it allows them to provide their usersdisruptive servicesthat meet the biosecurity protocols.

The CubiQ go allows companies to optimize their processes because through this device, customers interact with the machine, fill in the shipment information, store the merchandise, pay, and then the transportation company proceeds to recover the merchandise, collect the money and finally, dispatch the order to the recipient.

CubiQ, the strategic ally your logistics chain needs!