We develop cutting-edge technology for the automation of logistic processes
Save time and money by taking metadata from your packages in less than a second
(Measures, weight, Label information, barcodes, and any readable text)
Our solutions
We are leaders in

3D capture and Metadata extraction

We automate the process of measuring and digitizing

labels (OCR) of the packages

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With CubiQ, you simplify the logistics processes of your business, automating the measurement and weighing of goods.


CubiQ is a 3D dimensioning system v2.0 with 99% accuracy.
You can capture in less than 1 seconds:

· Gets the volume (height, width and length)
· Weighs
· Digitization of label information (OCR).
· Data extraction from readable text .

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Our approach

Collect all the information of your goods with any of our CubiQ solutions, in less than 1 second.

Manage and host all your information in the cloud, easy, fast and in one place. In addition, we are an API driven solution.

Get the most out of your collected data! Increase your turnover, track shipments and accurately collect the goods,.

We work with leaders across the logistic industry

Everything you need to automate inbound and outbound in your warehouse

✓ Time reduction Optimizes measurement time by 300%.
✓ Greater profitability Grow your business’ profitability by 18%.
✓ Accesibility
Easy to install and implement – Wide compatibility.
✓ Multitasking It measures, weighs, reads barcodes, Digitalize all readable text and organizes information, generates a tracking and take pictures, all in a single device.
✓ Error rate reduction Accurate measurements for more profitable business.

Our products simplify the logistics processes in these industries:


With CubiQ

- WE INCREASE the REVENUE of our customers up 18%.
- We audit the full tracking process.
- WE REDUCE hand costs of work.
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Freight forwarders

With CubiQ

- WE REDUCE the costs of labor in more than 150%.
- Recoup $40 of lost revenue on average for every pallet by recording maximum dimensions accurately
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Retail & CPG

With CubiQ

- WE REDUCED freight amount by 8%.
- We increase storage capacity up to 25%.
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With CubiQ

- WE INCREASE turnover up to 8%.
- Reduce reception time up to 40%
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To simplify your company’s logistics, reduce operation times and increase your profitability:

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