How to choose the ideal dimensioning system for your business?

Currently, we talk about cubing systems or sizers, this is because the processes of the logistic chain in warehouses and distribution centers are increasingly demanding and require a greater accuracy of volumetric data of goods and shipments. It should be noted that for the companies of:

Warehousing and couriers

the process of sizing and cubing is key, as this information allows for effective calculation of shipping costs and the optimization of packaging. In this case, is valid to mention that with an accurate calculation, the companies’ turnover can be increased by 18%

Freight forwarders

is important to have precision on the volumetric information of the goods. Normally, to take measures, enterprises employ people to perform this function. With an automated cubing system, the labor costs will reduce by more than 150%.

On the other hand, in the retail sector companies,

information as measure and weight of the goods and products, add value at the moment of storing them in the warehouse. By having precise measurements, we can optimize the warehouse capacity by up to 25%.

Measurements of high-volume goods or packages can be taken by an employee with a measuring tape. But, have you ever wondered

how much time he takes sizing an object?

What level of precision does the data register by the person have?

According to realized studies, an experienced employee can take 17 secondstaking the measurements and weights of an object, this with a precision of 85%.

With a dimensioning systems like CubiQ, the measuring process takes1 second, obtaining a 99% of precision in the data.

The installation of an automated dimensioning system can make a significant change, increasing productivity up to 18% inside the company, without the need for involving people in the execution of the activity.

Here we will mention four aspects that you must take into account to choose the ideal measurement and weight system for your business.


1. What do you need to measure?

The first thing that you have to take into account is to clearly define what you are going to measure:
Are they big or small objects?
¿Tienen formas regulares o irregulares?
How many do you need to measure?
How many products and references do you have?
Will you be measuring boxes or pallets?

Having this clear, you can take the first step to choose the device that is better suited to the goods that you are going to size and weight. Also, you can have an idea of the need that you have and the kind of information that you required for your logistic chain to work correctly.

It is important that before starting the search and start quoting with suppliers, you know if this system will located at the exit or entrance of your operation, or if you want to move it around easily, or if what you are looking for is to have it in a strategic point of your distribution center because this system can be located in the receiving point.

2. How will you use the dimensional data?

Clearly define the objective of the data that you seek to obtain with the dimensioning system. They can be used in:

Distribution centers:
to optimize the storage space and achieve an Intelligent ubication of the products.

The idea is to take the maximum benefit of the utility of the dimensioning systems, considering the volumetric data and weights recollected by the devices and their capacity to integrate with the different warehouse management systems and software.

The latter can become the most decisive aspect of decision making.

Additionally, you must look for a unique interface that allows the recompilation, storage, management, import and export of volume and weight data gave by the device.

You should take into account that the precision of the volumetric data is vital to have a logistic process that perfectly works because the success of the management system completely depends on the data entered. This also depends on the storage space optimization at the warehouse and the ubication for the shipment of packages in the different transport alternatives.

3. What efficiency do you need?

You must evaluate the efficiency that you need in each process of the logistic chain, so in that way, you can identify and select the dimensioning system that best suits the need that the company has.

If necessary, you can choose a device that measures small boxes, in the case of our enterprise could be a CubiQ One. For pallets or oversized objects CubiQ Xand to obtain greater efficiency and agility you can choose a service as CubiQ Line.

4. Additional aspects that you have to take into account to make a decision:

✔ The technical support that the supplier has. (Before and after the installation).

✔ The integrations with WMS or ERP systems.

✔ The platforms to have control over the devices and metrics reports.

✔ The storage capacity and provision of information for operative processes and invoicing.

✔ Personalized reports. (They should be aligned with the objectives that the company has with the implementation of the dimensioning system).

✔ Wide offer of products and additional services.

✔ Flexibility (adapted proposals to the present reality and future).

✔ Value added (go beyond the expectations of efficiency and ROI).

✔ Experience (case of success).

After meeting the aspects that you should take into account to choose the dimensioning System. We invite you to reinvent the story of your business with the different services that CubiQ has developed, with which you can simplify and optimize the logistic processes, with an innovative and disruptive system that creates solutions tailored to your needs.

CubiQ, customized solutions

CubiQ One
Is a logistic assistant expert on calculating the volume of packages, objects, and goods. This tool can take measurements of objects with maximum dimensions of 1.5 meters length in less than 1 second. It also recognizes the characters of the label, eliminating the manual digitalization of the information.

CubiQ X
Obtains the volume of over-dimensioned objects or pallets. This tool can take measurements of objects over 1.5 meters in length, in less than 3 seconds.

CubiQ Line
Dimensioning system with conveyor belts. It can process 4.000 packages per hour.

CubiQ go!
It is an innovative and disruptive solution created for the reception of the goods in an unattended way. This device takes measures, weight, receives payment and stores the package. Its use is easy, fast and generates greater confidence in customers.

Take the decision of been part of the Revolution of the Logistic sector!

Whit CubiQ, you put the challenge, we the solution!

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