How to optimize transloading with technology?

By: Cargo Care Services

As you may know, transloading is the operation to transfer a freight from one mode of transportation to another, that allows the merchandise to reach its final destination efficiently. Some of the benefits are flexibility during transit, optimize the supply chain process, reduce cycle times, effectively plan distribution, and reduce costs of transportation.

Transloading requires close coordination between customers, logistics providers, and the IT systems to manage the information flow and track shipments. So, technology is an ally in this process. For this reason, in this article, we would like to talk about some points to consider.

Invest in technology for your transloading process

Transloading improves the way you transfer goods, you have to make sure your information transfer practices are equally efficient. Create a web-based platform including a Warehouse Management System and Inventory Management Software, where you can integrate electronic data interchange information and advanced shipment data (ASN) with your Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP). You may also consider UCC128-compliant label printing and carton-level bar-code scanning.

Transloading Software

With a transload software, you have specialized automationto serve unloading, handling and reloading particulars for a multitude of specialized industries that depend on multimodal freight movements. You can track, control and access to real time information protecting profitability and performance with web tracking frees up warehouse worker time for billable services, record and track empty container pick up and return, read barcode and labels, attach pictures, e-mails and POD to the Transload file, Automate Import Transload, Automate Export Transload.

Scan Barcodes

From receiving to shipping, Scan Barcodes increases product availability times and visibility to your customers,reconciles shipment notices, ensures receivables are in the right location for efficient picking and inventory turn analysis, allows us to know the current status and location of all inventoried items for greater productivity and cycle count efficiency, eliminates manual loading verification processes and increases accuracy and optimization.

Automated cubing systems

An automated cubing system allows the information of weight and dimensions with agility for the optimization of the spaces in trucks or warehouses. A device capable of measuring and getting the volume of objects regardless of their size, taking photos and scanning the information label, making the process agile, efficient, saving time and money, as CubiQ does.

Final general advice: Include your transloading provider early on in the shipping process.

Choose your transloading providers carefully and include it early in your shipping process. Consider their transloading experience and whether they have enough capacity to handle your throughput volumes. Ask for the transloading center’s proximity to your entry port. Pay attention to the level of integration the providers can achieve. Check out their technology and what kind of visibility they provide.

Companies that allow their transloading provider to become involved earlier in the shipment process receive a higher level of service and reliability. If your transloading facility coordinates drayage, for example, it can prioritize which containers should leave ports first, and alert the best time of day to make a delivery. Or, if you inform your provider by sending electronic ASNswhile goods are in transit, the provider can plan accordingly and get goods out the door faster.

Transloading can benefit your business and optimize your entire supply chain.Cargo Care Servicescan provide this service all over the USA, we have strategic locations close to the main ports and airports We are backed by 12 years of experience and knowledge in the cargo industry and we focus on additional logistics to ensure the care and protection of cargo with services like Cargo Insurance, Warehousing, Packaging and Freight Inspections, with excellent customer service and understanding the needs of our customers, so you can reduce costs in your logistic chain.

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