At CubiQ we work to offer you a personalized service and find solutions to your needs. You can contact our WhatsApp technical support, or generate the support request ticket by the CubiQ Manager platform, to have the support you require according to your needs and receive help whenever you need it.

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Or we will call you to find a solution according to your needs.

Basic tips for use and operation

– Check that CubiQ is connected to a regulated power outlet, to optimize its performance. Also, do not use electrical connections that exceed 110 Volts.

– Avoid locations that put your CubiQ device at risk of being hit or dropped. To avoid the disruption of the camera’s calibration.

– To avoid the static that your CubiQ device may generate, we suggest cleaning it regularly with a dry cloth.

– Due to the constant use and exposure of the CubiQ to the environment (dust, smog, among others) Your lenses and touch screens should be cleaned with lens cleaner. Under no circumstances use other products for cleaning regular glass.

– Prevent contact with water in any part of the CubiQ.

– Be careful with the device’s cables to avoid breaking or damaging and thus avoid malfunctioning.

– Do not place the CubiQ in places where it can receive direct sunlight.

– Check that all connections are correctly connected (CubiQ, display and scale) before starting normal operation.

– Check the Internet connection. Make sure it is stable.

– Verify that the scale display is feeding the weight information into the CubiQ. (Option shown on the CubiQ Manager display).

– If you have any questions, please contact the Support Department or go to our FAQ section.

You can download the pre-operational operating instructions for your CubiQ here

Need help?

Support request via CubiQ Manager

When requesting assistance, reporting an incident or request, a Ticket should be created as follows:

Step 1
Log in with your user or your company’s user to the CubiQ Manager platform

Step 2
On the left side of the screen, select the option “Tickets”

Step 3
Click on create button.

It will then take you to a form where the data requested must be filled in.

Title: Name we give to the incidence or request.
Description: describe in detail the incident or request.
Priority: assign the priority with which the incident or request should be treated.
Department: select the place where the event is taking place.
Location: location of the place where the incident has occurred.
Machine: the unique identifier of the machine.
Attach file: this option allows the collaborator to attach some image or document where the incident is evident.

Step 4
At the end, click on send.

Our team will give an answer to your request as soon as possible.

We will call you

Response times

We will respond as soon as possible, our promise to meet your requirements is a maximum of 24 hours. We will contact you depending on the requirement via chat or phone.

Call us! (+57) 304 657 0967

*The service depends on the plan chosen.

Basic plan: Basic plan: technical support chat 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Professional plan: technical support chat / phone 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Premium plan: 24/7 technical chat / phone support

Learn more about our service level agreement here