Can calculate any merchandise dimensions in just
1 second!

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  • Digitizes merchandise labels (OCR) We are the only company in the world with OCR technology in logistics!
  • 99% measurement ACCURACY, NTEP guaranteed
  • Optimizes measurement times up to 300%.

We simplify your company's logistics, reducing operation times and increasing your profitability.

How do we do it?

We collect all your merchandise information with any of our CubiQ solutions, in less than 1 second.

We manage and host your information in the cloud, fast, easy and in one place. In addition, we perform the integration with your WMS or ERP.

Get the most out of your collected data
with CubiQ!
- Increase invoicing
- Perform shipment traceability
- Accurate merchandise billing
- Decrease operation times
- Increase your team's productivity

We are the only ones who can offer merchandise labels automated digitization (OCR) worlwide

We use our own system (hardware and software), called CubiQ, which was developed based on artificial vision and intelligence. It allows us to automate the measuring, weighing and data transcription (OCR) processes in 1 second, with an accuracy of 99% guaranteed by the NTEP. (The National Conference on Weights and Measures)

Our products automate logistics processes in these industries:


– WE INCREASED the INCOME of our clients by 18%.

We audited the full goods tracking process.

WE REDUCED  labor costs.

Freight forwarders

– WE REDUCED labor costs by more than 150%.

– We generated SAVINGS of up to USD 10 million.


– WE REDUCED freights amount by up to 8%.

We increased storage capacity up to 25%.


– WE INCREASED turnover up to 8%.

– We generated yearly PROFITS between USD 8 and 10 million.

Let us amaze you with our products

Discover how CubiQ can take your business to the next level.  Contact our consultants to get a free quote and modeling of your space without any commitment.

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