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In CubiQ we have achieved very gratifying results with our customers, automating their processes and making them more efficient. Here are some of the benefits obtained so far in our customers:

– Decrease the time of taking the footprint up to 150%.
Reduce the time of reception of merchandise and entry into the WMS by up to 180%, impacting, in turn, the storage, thanks to the 99% of accuracy in the measurements.
-Increase storage capacity by up to 25%.
– 8% of reduction in the amount of freight.

We achieve this because we have developed our own system (hardware and software), calledCubiQ, based on intelligence and artificial vision, with which we automate the process of measurement, weighing and data transcription in less than1 second, with an accuracy of 99% guaranteed by NTEP.

Without CubiQ

– The process of taking
measurements before entering
references to the WMS
takes at least 17 secs

– Manual measurements
are 85%

– inefficient, inaccurate
and slow.

With CubiQ
Innovative technologies

Reduction of data capture
times and incorporation
of references in
the WMS system
by up to 160%.

– Measures with
a 99% accuracy.

More precise, faster, and
more agile.

We impact the logistics of these industries


With CubiQ

- WE INCREASE the INCOME of our customers by 18%.
- We audit the full tracking process.
- WE REDUCE hand costs of work.
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Freight forwarders

With CubiQ

- WE REDUCE the costs of labor in more than 150%.
- We generate SAVINGS of up to $10 million USD.
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With CubiQ

- WE REDUCED freight amount by 8%.
- We increase storage capacity up to 25%.
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With CubiQ

- WE INCREASE turnover up to 8%.
- We generate PROFITS between 8 and 10 million USD per year.
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