How to make your warehouse more efficient?

The optimization of space and processes in a warehouse is a fundamental aspect, which directly influences the productivity of operators, operating costs and the time required for the execution of tasks such as the reception and dispatch of goods.

For this reason, new technologies that emerge as solutions for the logistics industry, come to support this process to increase its efficiency and productivity, so that the company that implements it obtains better results, and is able to assume a greater demand for orders without affecting delivery times. .

An optimized warehouse is the first of the necessary steps, to guarantee that the supply chain system works efficiently. In addition, it is necessary to take into account that every year companies lose large amounts of money, due to lack of stock, returns and human errors.

Below, we mention the main technological trends for warehouse storage optimization:

  • Systems that allow the interposition of urgent orders.
  • Returns management programs.
  • Automated systems for measuring and cubing goods.

In order to achieve the objective of optimizing storage centers, automated measurement and cubic systems must be taken into account, because they allow a greater precision in the dimensions of the goods, and thus locate them in an optimal way both in the warehouses and in the transport vehicles.

In CubiQ we design technological solutions that transcend the dimensioning of goods, achieving transcription with the use of modern technologies such as OCR, the information on the labels quickly, contributing to the digitization of information in the warehouses of transport and logistics companies, freight consolidators and retail.

It is worth mentioning that with the developed devices, great benefits have been obtained in the retail companies that have installed CubiQ in their warehouses. Among the benefits that stand out in this industry are

  • Optimization of storage space by an additional 25%.
  • Reduction of the amount of freight over 8%.
  • Reduction of up to160% of data capture times and incorporation into the WMS system.

Additionally, in the cargo consolidation companies that have CubiQ in their storage centers, the processes have been optimized and costs reduced in the following way:

  • Reduction of labor costs by more than 150% generating savings of approximately $ 2,800 million COP.
  • Increase in operator productivity by up to 200%.

Now, don’t forget! The automation of processes for the optimization of the logistic chain, especially of the warehouses is fundamental, because if the storage in the warehouse is optimal we can manage to diminish times, to increase the productivity of the workers, to reduce costs of manual labor and to take care of demands of products every time greater.

Now what do you think about the automation of the logistics chain?