CubiQ generates precision and transparency in the logistics chain


35%more operator productivity


Increased cube accuracy by at least 98%

How did CubiQ increase the productivity of Icoltransoperators by up to 35%?


Icoltrans is a company dedicated to the logistic operation, storage of merchandise, and land transportation of cargo in Colombia.

With CubiQ, Icoltrans has managed to increase the cubing accuracy to 98% and the collaborators’ productivity to 35%. These two benefits obtained from our system have represented significant advances for the company and increased operational efficiency. These two benefits obtained from our system have represented great advances for the company and increased operational efficiency.

In addition, the company has managed to optimize with CubiQ the quality of the information that goes into the WMS systems, which triggers accurate billing and is reflected in the transparency of the collection towards its customers.

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How did CubiQ start working with Icoltrans?

Icoltrans arrived at CubiQ nine months ago with the challenge of increasing the productivity of the operators involved in the cubing and dispatching of goods. Additionally, they were looking to improve the accuracy and veracity of the information that goes into the WMS installed in the warehouse to guarantee their clients a real invoicing for the service provided. They also wanted to be sure that the company is not charging less than what it should for each of the goods transported.

” When we met CubiQ we decided to carry out some tests, and we detected that the cubic capacity of the goods we were daily dispatching was not very accurate; this was making the company to lose money, especially when dispatching advertising material”. Manuel Hernández, Administrator of Icoltrans in the Antioquia region.

How was the process to start working with CubiQ?

In the beginning, the CubiQ sales team was in charge of gathering information from the company in meetings and gatherings to detect the business’s needs and determine which product could meet the specified requirements.

Then, the entire process of selling the device and collecting the necessary information for a successful and agile installation was carried out by the CubiQ Operations team.

Icoltrans expectations were mainly oriented to 3factors:

  • Profitability.
  • Increased productivity in the logistics chain.
  • Sensitization and training of personnel with the use of the tool.

According to Manuel Hernández, these initial expectations have been fulfilled so far, obtaining great returns on investment from the tool.

CubiQ, precision, and transparency for your logistics operations!

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